The new generation of document capturing

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  • Optimise shadow accounting

  • Reduce lead times

  • Improves effortlessly

  • Use position data

  • No setup, no effort


  • Receipt data without effort

  • Relieve the work force

  • Optimise processes

  • Information for e-file

  • Structured contents

High quality

  • High quality recognition

  • Professional operation

  • GDPR compliant

  • Supported integration

  • Open communication

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Latest AI instead of just OCR

The latest BLU DELTA AI generation (BLU DELTA Typhon Net) turns your pixels (photo, scan, PDF) into valuable receipt and document information. The new technology combines contextual information, textual elements and visual structures to achieve outstanding recognition results.

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Higher quality immediately

BLU DELTA is based on the latest AI technologies that analyse visual and textual elements. Through this combination, BLU DELTA achieves better and faster results.

Innovative AI for finances

Especially in financial processes, the quality, availability and reliability of data play a major role. BLU DELTA has been specially trained with regard to precision and error minimisation.

Better without effort

Automated training and quality checks in our controlled AI Lab allow regular and reliable improvement without effort for our customers and partners.

Cost and time savings

Shorter processing times with simultaneously increased automated capturing lead to time and cost savings. The outstanding BLU DELTA performance also allows direct online capturing with mobile devices.

Modules easily integrated

Modules for input channels (e.g. email, scan, etc.), processing, data matching and validation in conjunction with REST APIs ensure quick and easy integration for all cases.

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Use cases for SMEs and large companies by sector

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Thousands of companies from SME to Enterprise benefit from BLU DELTA


Employees unburdened *


Receipts processed *


Receipt information supplied *

*) based on the last 12 months since 30.04.2020 (OnPremise and Cloud). OnPremise figures are estimated based on information from our customers.

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