Project Description

BDS is a developer of an ERP system for the construction industry. The simple possibility of seamless integration into their own product as well as the high quality of the recognition of header and position data prompted our partner to replace the existing solution of an established provider with BLU DELTA AI. Since then, numerous customers from the construction industry have benefited from a massive reduction in the workload when processing their incoming invoices, including data reconciliation at item level. At the same time, the BLU DELTA Cloud eliminates the administrative effort for the old on-premise solution of the previous provider.


ERP-Partner: BDS

  • Line of Business: ERP Construction Industry

  • SME customer

  • High supplier variety


  • Plug & Play: Immediate activation of new SME customers

  • Effortless integration into the existing ERP interface

  • Professional support (unlike original OCR suppliers)